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Read this carefully

House Rules

You will find that these house rules are common sense and easily complied with.

Please be considerate; follow our house rules. 

Do not:
    Damage any area of the house or its contents
    Remove any items from the house
    Bring in animals/pets of any kind
    Smoke inside the house
    Move furniture or decorations/pictures/etc
    Participate in any activity that is deemed illegal in Texas
    Bring in or sublet to any additional person not specifically agreed to
    Cause disturbances resulting in neighbor complaints or the dispatch of police
    Park on the lawn
    Damage any of the plants/trees on the property

The house may not be used for communal gatherings or events.  No more then 4 guests may be in the house at any time.  No guests may stay overnight unless agreed to by the landlord.  House may not be used for storage.  Maximum 2 vehicals.  No RV or boat parking.

Violations of these house rules could result in losing some or all of your security deposit and termination of lodging agreement. Extensive damage to the house or its contents will result in legal action against the guest for recovery of all costs associated with the incident/s to include legal fees.

When in doubt concerning anticipated actions/activities, contact the landlord first.
Email:  dusty3205@gmail.com  Phone:  210-218-6886 (text or leave message) 

The Landlord reserves the right to enter house during the guests stay for maintenance.  Landlord will coordinate with guests the date/time that is convenient.   Landlord reserves the right to enter the garage and yard during daylight hours for yard maintenance.  Coordination with the guest will be provided.

Outside security camera is located at entrance to the house.

Updated:  March 12, 2019